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David Ward MP speaks on Liberal Democrats in Government at the Yorkshire Regional Conference

December 6, 2010 7:05 PM
David Ward MP for Bradford East

David Ward newly elected MP speaks to the Yorkshire Regional Conference

"After over 60 years out of government the Liberal Democrats have a chance to make a difference to people's lives by being part of the new Coalition Government," said David Ward the new MP for Bradford East.

"Already the Liberal Democrats have made things happen which were promised before the election. The Income Tax threshold will be raised taking low earners out of tax. The Pupil Premium to help underachievers will be included in the new schools policy. There will be a referendum on the Alternative Vote as the first step towards fairer votes. But we cannot have everything we want. We cannot keep the pledge we made to reject any rise in university tuition fees and although this is a cause of great regret and embarrassment, we have to be responsible as we play our part in the new government."

"Is there anyone here who has not had to break a promise in the face of insurmountable difficulties," David asked as he confronted the conference with the parliamentary realities. "We are not the government, and although we are the junior partner in the Coalition we have changed British Politics for good, said David to reassuring applause.