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  • Article: Aug 26, 2016

    Commenting on the burkini in France and reports as to how it is being enforced Meral Hussein-Ece, the Liberal Democrats' Equalities spokesperson said:

    "Dictating how women dress is illiberal and reprehensible. Why would anyone think that banning burkinis and then actively forcing women to remove clothing helps fight a war on terror?

  • Article: Aug 26, 2016

    Norman Lamb has called for an urgent review of the use of tasers by police officers, following the death of former footballer Dalian Atkinson.

    In June, Lamb called for an outright ban on the use of tasers in mental health settings, and tabled amendments to the Policing and Crime Bill to introduce such a ban. In response to last night's death, however, he is now calling for an urgent national review of tasers and electroshock weapons in all settings.

  • Article: Aug 26, 2016

    The City will not have the full benefits of membership of the single market under the Government's plans for Brexit, the body representing the UK's banking sector has suggested.

    Economics spokesperson Susan Kramer said:

    "A bilateral deal is simply not good enough if we are to protect key parts of our economy, including our financial services. This jeopardises our ability to retain institutions that underpin the City's success - including the clearing houses.

  • Article: Aug 26, 2016

    The Liberal Democrats have slammed the fall in non-EU students studying at British universities.

    Alistair Carmichael, the party's Home Affairs spokesperson, lambasted the fall which he said showed the government's fixation with their immigration target was undermining Britain's economy and the university sector.

  • Article: Aug 24, 2016

    A local Liberal Democrat councillor is calling on the new Environment Secretary to introduce a ban on the use of microbeads in cosmetic products.

    Microbeads are tiny pieces of plastic that are added to products such as face washes, body scrubs and toothpaste. They are small enough to go down the plughole and therefore thousands of tonnes of these tiny pieces enter our seas each year. Research shows they can end up being ingested by fish, birds and entering the human food chain, damaging the marine environment and also posing a potential risk to health.

  • Article: Aug 24, 2016

    Liberal Democrats in York have welcomed the news that the Treasury will back EU-funded projects in the wake of Brexit. The announcement from the government followed a Lib Dem motion to York's Full Council last month, which sought guarantees over future funding.

    At the Council meeting in July, Lib Dems called for assurances that York and Yorkshire would receive investment at least equal to that planned to be provided by EU programmes. European funding going directly to the region between now and 2020 includes support for small businesses, helping residents to find work, and support for farmers and rural communities.

  • Foss Barrier
    Article: Aug 17, 2016

    The Environment Agency has released a briefing about the Foss Barrier that addresses questions over the Barrier's reliability.

    This follows a letter from Councillor Andrew Waller, Executive Member for the Environment, to the Environment Agency in which he requested a response to reports in the media that the Barrier was rated as having low reliability in 2014 and 2015.

  • Mansion House ()
    Article: Aug 12, 2016

    Following two weeks of consultation and hundreds of response the residents of York have decided which colour the facade of York's historic Mansion House will be.

    Since it was built in 1732 the facade of York's historic Mansion House has seen many changes and colours. Taking inspiration from the past residents were presented with three options after paint historians analysed and identified three themes from the building's past.

  • Article: Aug 12, 2016

    What European Country should you study in? Take our quiz and find out:

  • Article: Aug 11, 2016

    Plastic bag use has plummeted in England since the introduction of a 5p charge last year, under the previous coalition government.

    The number of single-use plastic bags used by shoppers in England has fallen by more than 85%. More than 7bn bags were handed out by seven main supermarkets in the year before the charge but this has been reduced to just over 500m in the first six months after the charge has been introduced.